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Silica/Quartz powder: We are also manufacturing Silica powder. This is natural silica having purity of more than 99.7% Sio2. This silica powder comes in a very snow white color , the whiteness in A grade silica is more than 96% . Silica powder is available in 100 mesh , 200 mesh, 300 mesh, 10 microns D-90. The average particle size in Micronised Silica powder in below 5 microns.

Barytes Powder

Barytes also known as Barytes, is a form of Barium Sulphate. Normal white or Buff coloured,is found throughout the world as an ore. Barytes is mined by both underground and surface methods, and sold as a fine white powder.

barytes powder


There are two main grades, OCMA and API Grades. Mainly used in the Drilling/Mining industry and in the Plastics industry. Its low abrasion quality and high specific gravity, makes it very useful in the manufacture of drilling muds, and as an inexpensive filler and weighting agent.

Specification of API SEC.2 Barytes Powder

Barite Physical and Chemical requirements

Requirement Specification
Density 4.20 g/cm3, minimumbarytes powder
Water soluble alkaline earth metals as calcium 250mb/kg maximumquartz powder
Filtrate Volume 15 Max.
Residue greater than 75 micrometers 3.0 wt. %, maximumquartz powder,barytes powder
Particles less than 6mm in equivalent spherical diameter 30 wt. %, maximumbarium

barytes powder Barytes (Sulphate) is noted for it's high specific gravity and is used as a filler and weighting agent. We supply OCMA & API standard drilling grade Barytes for use in weighting drilling fluids, filler grade Barytes and micron sized white grades for use in surface coating and plastics.

barytes powder Barytes (also known as Barite and Barites) is a form of Barium Sulphate, BaSO4.

barytes powder Pure Barytes is 66% BaO and 34% SO3, normally white but many deposits are discoloured by small amounts of impurities.

quartz powder Barytes is found throughout the world as an ore body in residual, vein type, as well as bedded forms.

quartz powder Barytes is mined by both surface and underground methods, initially crushed then washed and sized prior to upgrading by jigging, flotation or magnetic separation.

quartz powder The industrial minerals is usually sold as an aggregate or fine powder.


Application Typical Market Share

Oil Well Drilling Muds. 88%
Ceramic & Glass. 6%
Chemicals, Fillers, Extenders & Aggregates. 6%

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